Introduction to the Knikmops

The Knikmops has been used for 30 years for a whole range of purposes including paving work, landscaping, housing and industrial construction. The Knikmops is light yet powerful, and has enormous lifting capacity. The machine is also compact, extremely manoeuvrable and fast. That is why the Knikmops can be used for a wide range of tasks and terrains.

The Geens brothers made the first Rollmops in 1989. At that time, this mini shovel could transport mainly clinkers. 1994 saw the manufacture of the first Rollmops 4WD, which Reinoud van der Schans co-developed. This is still on sale as the Knikmops 70. The first ‘real’ Knikmops was produced in 1997. This was the Knikmops 90. In 2010, there was a range of 13 models, from 0.5 to 2.7 tons. This year, 2019, the new Knikmops 130 goes into production. This will be the first electric Knikmops.

The models are now equipped to fit more than 100 attachments. These attachments can be used on various models of the Knikmops.