Levelling/laser blades

The leveller is used for accurate tracking on various types of surfaces, performed fully automatically. The leveller is equipped with two hydraulically-operated doors for easy manoeuvring, e.g. around a wellhead or other obstacle.

The leveller can be used to level the ground, for example:

  • Mechanised paving
  • Greenhouses
  • Sports fields
  • Industrial slabs
  • Concrete floors

For use on the Knikmops, a hydraulic and electrical system must be built on the machine.

The MCS Leveler makes the machine more suitable for profiling rubble beds or coarser material. This type of leveller is equipped increasingly with a so-called cylinder, which ensures that you can set or control the rotation of the blade. This option is used most often to be able to work forwards, and to press light material into corners a little while still keeping the leveller under control. This is why our levellers are currently equipped as standard with a so-called push plate at the front.

Technical details:

ANK 125 ANK 150/160 ANK 170/190
Working width 1,25 m 1,50/1,60 m 1,70/1,90 m
With doors open 1,50 m 1,80/1,90 m 2,00/2,20 m

The MCS Leveler has

  • Two LR410 digital receivers
  • A Sollido control unit in the cabin for the 2D function
  • A valve module for proportional drive for 6 functions
  • Control box for doors and extra functions operated via the control unit

The Leveler ANK comprises:

  • MCS Leveler
  • Hydraulic doors
  • Heavy-duty pivot point
  • Complete hydraulic system for laser control
  • Fully proportional height valves
  • Complete cabling with a plug connection to the machine
  • Manual masts
  • Raex wear pad
  • Hardox wear blades
  • Push plate on the front
  • Plate height +/- 50 cm
  • Cylinder to set the tilt


The leveller plate works in combination with an electronically controlled Knikmops. The machine then takes over the complete control from the operator. The control is in the machine and no longer in the laser blade itself. The MCS Leveler is equipped with a Trimble machine receiver and the latest control system from Sollido. This control system has been developed in cooperation with SITECH Netherlands and various machine manufacturers, specifically for levelling applications.

This makes the machine suitable for working on 2D with two laser receivers, through a control unit for the laser control.

Valve block relocated:
The valve block has been transferred to the electronically controlled Knikmops. The transfer of the valve block makes it possible for the levelling plate to do its work largely automatically, without any further action on the part of the operator. The arm is controlled via the valve block, and can move up and down automatically, letting the Knikmops drive forwards and backwards. This lets the Knikmops work even faster and more efficiently when levelling.