Knikmops 130E Mini shovel

Knikmops 130E Mini shovel

De Schans to launch an electric Knikmops

At our own initiative, we will be introducing an electric Knikmops in the market in the autumn. The first prototypes will be tested in practice shortly, with serial production starting after the summer.

In the first instance, this will involve the Knikmops 130, with the electric variant to be named the KM130E.

The 130 will immediately be followed by an electric variant of the 250
The 130 is the Knikmops model with the highest sales. Once the serial production of the 130E is in progress, we will immediately move on to an electric 250 model.
Machines sold will undergo an extensive test phase. De Schans has taken the initiative for an electric Knikmops entirely in-house. A partner active in the automotive sector was sought for the electric motor and the battery pack. The machines will be purchased from the Knikmops factory, without engines.

The battery pack of the 130E has a capacity of 37 kW and a voltage of 400 V.
Growing demand for electric machines has everything to do with demand from clients for emission-free work or work with low emissions.

Demand for LPG models is growing.
We are also seeing this for our LPG model, the Knikmops 120LPG, which has now been on the market for 3.5 years.

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specifications Knikmops 130E

1650 KG
1000 / 1270 mm
breakout force:
1100 KG
Drive hydraulics:
Wheel drive:
20 km/u km/u
Working hydraulics flow rate:
42 L/min
Lifting capacity:
1000 KG
All attachments



What makes the Knikmops innovative…

• Lithium technology.
• High quality automotive components.
• Permanent magnet motor.
• Automotive-certified components.
• Operational for full working day.
• Lithium Ion battery.
• 37 kw/h battery capacity STANDARD
• Software connected.
• Charging from 0 to 100% in 5 hours.
• Charging at 220 V and 380 V.
• Optional charging via Fast-charge (45 minutes).

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